24pcs Ombre Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

24pcs Ombre Fake Nail & 1sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File

Want to have beautiful and trendy nails without having to go to a salon? Look no further! This 24-piece set of ombre fake nails and 1 sheet of tape will give you the nails of your dreams in the comfort of your own home. Plus, the included nail file will help you achieve the perfect shape and finish.

To achieve the desired look of your choice, you could wear the set alone or in combinations. Once you have perfected the ombre looks, you can duplicate the same look with the provided nail glue and tape. What a time-saver!

Our expert nail technicians spent days crafting this exclusive kit to get an ombre look that will last all week. You will love the professional way they did this!

What’s in the kit?

A nail form

A nail polish brush

A clear nail polish formulated for this product

Tape used for applying on tape

Polish remover



Start with one of the two available color combinations and apply the polish to the fingernails you choose.

Wait for the polish to dry.

Repeat steps 3-4 on the other fingernails.

Use the nail polishing brush to even the nail polish.

Remove the unwanted nail polish with the nail polish remover.

Use the tape to apply the desired color on the tips of the nails.

Wash your hands under hot water to cure the nail polish. You may use the bottle of acetone as well.

The Best Nail Polish Removers We’ve Tried

The Best Nail Polish Removers We’ve Tried

Posted on 03/18/2017

We’ve tried dozens of nail polish removers, and even more nail polish remover recipes, and this is what I’ve come away with based on the overall performance of these products for removing nail polish from my nails (and it’s really a mixed bag). These nail polish removers offer several different methods for using them, and some of them can be used separately for various nail polish removal methods.

Some of the more popular nail polish remover categories include:


Ionic cleaners

Solvent-based cleaners

This is what you need to know about nail polish remover types:


First, let’s discuss the most widely used of the nail polish removers. Acetone or nail polish removers containing acetone dissolve nail polish within 30 seconds. They can be used by themselves to remove nail polish. If you wait for a few minutes, you should be good to go. I do not recommend this

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