24pcs Strawberry Pattern Fake Nail & 1pc Nail File & 2sheets Nail Tape

24pcs Strawberry Pattern Fake Nail & 1pc Nail File & 2sheets Nail Tape

Introducing the 24pcs Strawberry Pattern Fake Nail set! This set comes with 1pc Nail File & 2sheets Nail Tape, perfect for creating your own unique nail designs. With this set, you can have the perfect nails for any occasion. The nail file is made specially for a professional but will ensure anyone can achieve the perfect look!

With the 2 sheets of nail tape you can easily transform your nail color. With these nail sets available in a beautiful array of colors and patterns, you will never have a boring manicure!

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The Nail Files are a great design tool.

For more information about the nail file, it has two parts a flat file and a rounded file but due to how they are made my flat file works great with rounded files.

The Nail File set comes with 1PC of nail file and 2 Sheets of nail tape. This set is a great design tool. I found it worked great for people wanting to decorate their natural nails.

To learn more about the application of nail designs I suggest watching my video on how to apply nail art:

To know more about the tape:

Here I am wearing all six of my favorite nail paints from the 24pc Strawberry pattern collection by @gossip_nails

I absolutely adore these nail paints by @gossip_nails and I have had all of my colors worn over many days. I loved my first batch of 24pc Strawberry Pattern Nail Colors that was released in 2015. When this collection was first released I thought “Oh, there is going to be a nail painting challenge amongst my followers soon!“ and there was. A few days later I came across a post by @girlsofterails with a blog post talking about an upcoming nail painting challenge in the form of 24pc Pink, 24pc Berry, 24pc Purple and 24pc Black to make 4 simple nail designs.

The same week I found this post I received a notification from one of my followers, @charming_nails asking me to do a YouTube video showing step by step instructions on how I completed the nails.

I decided to do a tutorial where each part of the process was broken down for better learning and an easier time. I hope you enjoy my nails and all of the creative ways to create the perfect look for yourself.

Watch the video on YouTube, Subscribe and comment down below if you have any questions.

Here are the supplies needed:

Here are the nails I used to show my two step technique

I like the 2

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