2pcs 4 Hole Random Hanger Bar

2pcs 4 Hole Random Hanger Bar

Drying Rack

Looking for a great way to dry your clothes? Check out our 2pcs 4 Hole Random Hanger Bar Drying Rack! This rack is perfect for hanging up your wet clothes and allowing them to air dry. With four holes to hang clothes from, you’ll be able to dry multiple items at once. Don’t miss out on this great deal!


What’s better than hanging out like a local and dry your clothes? Make everyone jealous of you by having your own personalized hanger bar dry rack! Don’t worry… this one’s not just anyone’s. A unique hanger bar allows for you hang up multiple clothes at once. With four hooks, two on the left and two on the right, you’re able to hang up two garments and two bath towels all at the same time. This drying rack is sure to make you a local hot spot.


The 2pcs 4 hole random hanger bar is a great way to dry a variety of things. Hang up wet clothes! The hook design makes it easy to put clothes on the rack, and allow them to dry. This hanger bar has four hooks. You can put two items on each arm or you can hang just two items at a time. The rack is made of aluminum, so it won’t rust or tarnish! You can use this hanger bar to dry shoes and socks or anything else you use on a daily basis! Get yourself a 2pcs 4 hole random hanger bar today and feel like a local!


Hang up two wet items or four at at the time

Made in the USA

Includes 4 x D-Rack Aluminum Hangers.

Additional information:

Overall Size: 4’L X 36″W x 2″D, The hangers are the same size; one fits a T-shirt, and second fits a tanktop, for example

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