2pcs Girls Heart Charm Necklace

2pcs Girls Heart Charm Necklace

Looking for a special gift for the special girl in your life? Look no further than this charming necklace! Featuring two heart-shaped charms, it’s sure to be a hit. This vintage-inspired, antique-inspired and vintage-inspired piece will add a touch of vintage-inspired charm to her neckline this holiday season. Features pearl earrings for those extra touches of elegance. Measures approximately 16.5″ with pearl earrings.Q:

Unable to login with new Ubuntu user account

I have created new ubuntu user account while installing Ubuntu 14.04.Now I can log into my user account but I cannot log into ubuntu user account(root user account is visible).I have tried adding account to sudo group also but still its not working.I have tried everything that is mentioned in other post but still, its not working.

sudo ls -l /home/ubun/

total 4
drwx—— 2 root root 12 Apr 27 15:09 xxxx


If no one else has helped you, I hope this works:
If you’ve created a normal user account, Ubuntu will have given a home folder to this user with a subdirectory of /home/, so if this doesn’t work, you might try logging in as the wrong username, or if the previous user had the same name.
Or you can go into system settings and change your password, to see if that solves it. And if you’re not the only user on the machine, boot from a live CD or other backup (live CDs can often fix this), to give yourself a clean login.


How to create table of string values in mysql

For instance I have string values in mysql database “abc aaa a” and I want to create table with columns like this:
column1 | column2 | column3
a | a | aaa
aa | a | aaa

is it possible to create table with this string values in MySQL database?
I found solutions for char but I can’t find for string in google


You can use this query:
@col1 := CASE
WHEN LENGTH(@col2)=0 THEN ‘a’
ELSE @col2+’ ‘
END + @col1 + COALESCE(LENGTH(@col2),0),

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