2pcs Girls Yin & Yang Decor Beaded Bracelet

2pcs Girls Yin & Yang Decor Beaded Bracelet

Looking for a unique and stylish bracelet? Check out our 2pcs Girls Yin & Yang Decor Beaded Bracelet! Made with high quality materials, this bracelet is perfect for any outfit and occasion. This wristlet has a sleek design and you can easily carry it in your purse or pocket with its convenient fold open design.

Features: *Bead made of stainless steel with 1/4 inch thickness*Bracelet material is silicone with nylon coating *This necklace can be used as pendant*Can be used as gift for graduation, birthday, wedding, or even valentine’s day *Can be worn by female, girls and boys *Can be worn and carried in every occasion *Can be used during sleeping or running *Will fit most of people and your wrist can move more freely

Colorful, trendy and fashionable, this pair of beaded earrings is just what you need to add something to your everyday look. Made from high quality silicone material, earring is safe and light to wear. In this case, you can wear it with anything you like. In short, you can match it with a wide range of outfits. And it is easy to match, because it is universal and it can be carried by both sexes.

Specification: *Main material is silicone*Light and portable, it can be taken anywhere you go*Size of the beads is 1/8”*Adjustable and universal, it is suitable for every age and any genders*Fits all sizes*High quality material*Hand washing product

The bracelet has a beautiful and elegant appearance, made of high quality materials and can be worn by females and males. Its convenient fold open design makes you easy carrying it in your bag or purse. And is light and safe to carry. In addition, the bracelet is adjustable, so it can fit the length of the wrist.

Features: *Bead material is silicone*Material of the clasp is stainless steel*Adjustable, it can be adjusted by 1/2cm (1/4”)*Universal bead, it is suitable for both male and female.*Fits all sizes*High quality and soft, it will not cause allergy to your skin*Hand washing product

Whether you love wearing a pretty and elegant bracelet to look fancy, or want to wear fashionable and stylish jewelry that can bring you a beautiful effect, this simple and cute pendant necklace bracelet is just perfect for you.

Features: *Main materials are high quality resin*Tons of beads*It is in great quality and fashionable*Hand washable

This necklace can also work as a pendant. The beads are in

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