2pcs Nail Art Scraper Board & 1pc Stamper & 1pc Nail Art Pen

2pcs Nail Art Scraper Board & 1pc Stamper & 1pc Nail Art Pen

2pcs Nail Art Scraper Board & 1pc Stamper & 1pc Nail Art Pen

This set is perfect for creating beautiful nail art designs at home! The scraper boards and stamper make it easy to get precise lines and shapes, while the nail art pen is perfect for adding detail and color. Also included are 2pcs nail art stencil stickers in 4 classic designs.

All included tools and accessories are specifically designed to be used with both bare fingers and nail polish, such as base/finish coats. All surfaces are non-porous, safe and eco-friendly, even during the use of nail varnishes.

Each set contains a scraper board (1 layer, 6mm in dimension), stamper and nail art pen.

Scraper board surface area measures 60 cm x 30cm.

Stamper measures 6cm x 6cm.

Nail art pen size measures 6.8cm x 6.8cm.

Scraper board is made from Eco-friendly & non-porous ABS polymer, which is the same material used for making children’s toys. It is easy to clean and can be washed with soap and warm water.

Stamper is eco-friendly with no PBT or TPR content, also non-porous and safe for the environment. Can be used with any of your favourite top and lacquer brands.

Nail art pen is non-toxic, non-smearing, UV protected, and safe from all elements.

You must remove your nail polish before using the scraper board, stamper or nail art pen for the first time. Follow the instruction card to get used with your tools, as using them with nail polish could damage the surface of the nail polish or even make you get an infection.

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