2pcs Solid Color Drawer Knob

2pcs Solid Color Drawer Knob

Looking for a simple way to update your cabinets or dresser? Check out our selection of drawer knobs! We have a variety of colors and styles to choose from to match any décor. Our 2pcs Solid Color Drawer Knob set is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy update.

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1 x Single Handle/ Pull Out Pulls

Needing one of these? We recommend our 2Pcs. Solid Color. Pull Handle / Sliding Drawer Knob set.

Perfect gift for everyone on your list, these knobs are made from a durable plastic in a chrome finish that will never be tarnished. These two knobs make excellent additions to cabinets, drawers and dressers. With a 2 pack, you can dress up the back of even your heaviest cupboards and drawers.

Available online today, in time for your Christmas party!

This one is a bit special as we took a step back and created this to be very versatile….the first version of these two knobs was slightly different in size and color. We noticed that both had been sold out for well over a month and really needed to create something so there was a quick fix so we did just that as you can still see that in the images below. But in the future, if that version ever goes away….this will be a great easy fix.

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please give us a call and we can certainly look for your order for you!

Perfect for the holidays gift or for any occasion.

NOTE: Please note that due to the nature of these plastic products, we are unable to send out gift boxes without a note that it’s a gift. A simple handwritten card is great, or you can go to our website and print out a card for the occasion.

*We may be able to give you a quote or shipping discounts for bulk orders. Contact us at 1-800-221-0405 for a quote to see if you qualify for a discount.


Q & A

Q. My knobs will not release from the cabinet. What do I do?

A. The door or cabinet can sometimes be the problem. There are several different types of knobs, each has its own unique way to disengage it. It is best if you are able to give us a brief description of the type and style of the knobs to help us assist you. We’ve had great success at getting these uninstalled by asking our customers to describe the knob. If that doesn’t work

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