2sheets Flower Pattern Nail Art Sticker

2sheets Flower Pattern Nail Art Sticker

Looking for a way to add some flair to your nails? Check out our 2sheets Flower Pattern Nail Art Sticker! With these easy to use stickers, you can create beautiful nail art designs in no time! If you are a nail art fan, you will love these stickers.

This design is so beautiful you can easily create it yourself. With your glue and a little patience, you can have your own pretty creation ready in no time! This is an easy and fast project, and you can do all of your nail art on the same day the sticker comes off your fingernails!

Included in your purchase, you get a set of 2 Flower Nail Stickers. Each of these stickers is on a sheet of stickers for ease of use. The sheet is folded in half and then cut so that you can remove each sticker from your nails very easily.

The set is also perfect for those special occasions and holidays! Be able to have any design, any colors and any colors you choose!

The design is beautiful and you can use this to create nail art in many different designs. Try it in a variety of colors, and create something special this week!

Nail Art Stickers – Details

Nail Art Stickers are high quality and will stay on your nails, even through wet or dry manicures.

The design is easy and clean to use. It’s only one step: glue the stickers to your nails, wait for them to dry, then remove them.

You get a set of 2 Flower Nail Stickers in a 4.5” x 2.5” sheet. The stickers are already folded, pre-cut for easy use.

The sheet is folded in half for easy handling and storage without sticking together and hard to use.

The sticker sheets are easy to use and can be applied without using any tools.

These stickers are perfect for creative people who wish to create their own nail art designs and projects.

Useful info:

Each set of stickers is 4.5 inches X 2.5 inches, folded in half X the stickers have already been pre-cut for efficiency and ease of use.

The sheet is cut in half so that each side folds outward. This means that there is no sticking together and no need for extra space to fold, which means no wasted paper.

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