2sheets Ice cream & Flower Print Nail Art Sticker

2sheets Ice cream & Flower Print Nail Art Sticker

Looking for a fun and easy way to show off your personality? Look no further than 2sheets Ice cream & Flower Print Nail Art Sticker! These stickers are a great way to add some flair to your nails, and they come in a variety of designs to suit any style. Just peel up the sticker, and stick the fun design to your nails for maximum impact.

The set contains 12 different stickers, featuring two designs, each one measuring 5 x 3.2 cm, and they are designed to fit the size of standard-sized stickers found in supermarkets. The quality of the stickers is really good, as they are sticky enough to stick to your nails straight away, but peel up easily, and their thickness should ensure they don’t damage your nails. The set also includes a clear nail stickers protector to protect your nails from being damaged. What I did with the stickers was to stick them over my black nail tips to give it a more vintage look, as a result they have become quite long (which I like since I often get my polish streak on my nails) – they’re great for short nails though. I also used them over my nails before applying Seche Vite, as they stick right to the top of the nail.

Two sheets is an amazing company to shop for nail art stickers as it was previously owned by the same team that ran the hugely successful brand TwoFives. The quality of these nail art stickers is very high, as well as their ability to stick straight to your nails and the fact there are so many different designs, it’s definitely the company to buy from for these kinds of products.

If you are looking for a fun and quirky solution to show off your beauty, then I would definitely recommend trying out the 2sheets Ice cream & Flower nail art stickers!

The set retailed for £10, however 2sheets currently sell them for just £5, so there’s an absolute bargain!

Two sheets nails stickers are a fun and easy way to show off your personality! The set comes in 12 designs, each one measured as 5 x 3.2 cm, and they come with a free peel and stick protector. When I first got them I used the stickers as I would stickers typically be found these days, over my black nail tips – although I did put them over my nails before applying Seche Vite. They are designed to stick to the top of your nails, and they really do stick! It’s perfect for showing off whatever your new nails designs are, and the designs are pretty quirky so you can get creative and make your nails look super cute! After I had my nails done I just placed them over the top of my nails

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