30pcs Plaid Pattern Fake Nail & 1sheet Nail Tape & 1pc Nail File

30pcs Plaid Pattern Fake Nail & 1sheet Nail Tape & 1pc Nail File

Looking for a complete nail makeover? Check out our 30pcs plaid pattern fake nails! Comes with a matching nail file and nail tape for a perfect finish.

Perfect for Halloween, spooky decor and many other fun themes!

Plaid Pattern Fake Nails | 30pcs (Set)

Nail polish is a type of transparent nail cosmetic. It is applied with a brush or special tool onto natural nails or artificial nails. Regular nail polish is usually cured with ultraviolet light or heat-curing polymers that become hard due to the process.

Nail polish is often formulated with a durable finish which protects the nails from the constant physical effects of a finger or toenail. The material may have to be cured with a different process depending on the desired properties.

This nail polish has a black and red plaid pattern. This will make your nails very trendy.

This 30pcs plaid fake nail set includes two colors.

You get two complete sets, so you can change nail color as many times as you like.

This fake nail set is great for many themes including spooky and Halloween, and many other fun themes.

The color is suitable for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive nails, you may want to wear a few coats of base coat before applying nail polish to avoid staining the natural nail.

This nail polish can be easily removed if you want to do nail art.

Great for kids and adults alike!

This Nail polish is recommended as a temporary nail polish, for daily wear purposes, however it can be removed easily if need be.

This nail polish will not last very long, so you need to apply to at least 10-20 days to achieve an adequate look on your nails.

Nail polish can make nails look healthy and will protect it from bacterial attacks.

Applied correctly, nail polish will not damage your natural nails, but will last much longer.

It is best to apply the clear coats first, before applying the base color.

This can be easily removed for nail art techniques.

This nail polish is also a great base for glitter nails. Apply with the nail glue first, then apply the clear polish so you can see through it.

Nail polish can last up to two weeks if you don’t wash it daily. For longer shelf-life, use nail polish remover instead of soap.

Apply with a cuticle stick or brush.

You can apply one coat or two coat of nail

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