3pcs Eyebrow Trimming Knife

3pcs Eyebrow Trimming Knife

3pcs Eyebrow Trimming Knife – The perfect tool for precision eyebrow shaping! This set includes 3 different sized knives to create any look you desire. Made of forged steel, and the blades are beveled on both edges. The straight edge on the blades ensures a good trimming without tugging on your skin. Its comfortable and ergonomic handle makes using this tool effortless and easy. Eyebrows can have different shapes such as arches, widow’s peak, miter, square arch, and more. You can achieve a lot just with these three tools.

How to: Wash your eyebrows well and remove excess hairs. Remove stray hairs between your brows with a soft tapered tooth brush. Apply a little bit of eyebrow primer and let dry. Apply 2-3 coats of eyebrow mascara. Use a pencil (firm and short) for any hard-to-reach areas and for a natural finish. Shape them as you desire. Then take it off with a cotton bud. Using a #10, #11 and #12 tweezers, remove stray hairs that remained in the furrow. Finish with a light coat of mascara and you are good to go.

Product Description

Get that perfect eyebrow shape with our beautiful collection of eyebrow clippers. These eyebrow trimmers have stainless steel handles. This set includes 3 styles for different needs. This product includes two trimmers: #10 – #12. It can be used for thicker hair.

The #10 model for thicker, bushy eyebrows, which can also trim hair from the edge of your forehead.

The #11 which are good for light to medium thin eyebrows. It could be used to groom your hair line, especially those with a soft look or for the groomed look.

The #12 has fine teeth which are designed for thin eyebrows (also called Asian brows). These trimmers are ideal for the small natural brow line. Make a precise, even trim with this pair of eyebrow clippers. Do not shave your eyebrows before using any of this eyebrow trimmers.

Using eyebrow clippers to shape your natural eyebrows and also to perfect your hairline are great tools to have. Also, you can use these eyebrow clippers to define the area and shape your eyebrows at a good price.

All these great products are perfect for your needs. You need not to search for good eyebrow clippers which are cheap, if you do not want to get a clipper that could not provide the quality we provide.B-Town, you’re getting a little bigger.

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