3pcs Makeup Removal Puff

3pcs Makeup Removal Puff

Looking for a quick and easy way to remove your makeup? Look no further than our 3pcs Makeup Removal Puff! Made with soft and absorbent material, our puff will make removing your makeup a breeze!

With one puff, it will be gone! This amazing 3pcs Makeup Remover Puff has an incredible ability to soak up the product, creating a soft and smooth pouf to remove all your makeup.

What’s in this Package?

– 3pcs Makeup Removal Puff

– A cleaning cloth

– A spare cotton pad

– An instruction sheet

– An extra puff

How to Use Makeup Removal Puff:

Firstly, you put some water in a bowl to warm up a hot cloth. Place this cloth in a position where it fits you, such as on your sleeve.

Place the puff you need to use into the bowl of water.

Wring out the puff when it starts absorbing the makeup. When it’s removed the makeup and your puff is dry, lay it down to finish removing all that residue.

Then replace your puff and wring the water remaining out of the cloth. It’ll help remove your makeup with less water.

How to Wash Makeup Off the Puffle:

Put your puff in a bowl of soap and water. Let it soak thoroughly. Then rinse and pat dry.

A few of you might prefer to use your puff soaked in alcohol instead, which is pretty simple. Simply shake the puff and place it in alcohol. It’s going to make your puff last a lot longer.

You could also try our Makeup Removal Puff (9pcs) instead. It’s perfect for those of you who have an oily face. However you do it, the best way to save that puff is to store it with the included soap.

Here are a few videos detailing how this amazing makeup removal puff works!


Q1. Can I use this puff with alcohol?

A1: Yes, you can! All Puffs can be soaked in alcohol.

Q2. Can I use this puff with my makeup remover wipes?

A2: Sure! Most remover wipes are pretty watery, so it’s much too dangerous to use our puff with those.

Q3. Do these puffs still work with cheap water?

A3: Yes, it will work!

Q4. Does it work without alcohol?

A4: Yes,

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