3pcs Random Color Cleaning Brush

3pcs Random Color Cleaning Brush

Household Bristle Toothbrush Head

Looking for a cleaning brush that can handle anything? Look no further than this 3-pack of brushes! Made with durable bristles, these brushes can take on anything from your teeth to your floors. Plus, the random color assortment means you’ll always have a brush that matches your mood.

A household staple for a reason, the Brisk Brush Head is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach spots like sinks, showers, and toilets. With soft, flexible bristles, it’s a safe bet for even small children. And its classic design is versatile, suitable for use on any surface.

With a flexible head that contours to your teeth’s shape, this brush is engineered for a thorough cleaning. The bristles conform to a curve that is better able to reach your teeth, even in those hard-to-see places. Flexible and lightweight handles make it easy to use, even for less nimble hands.

A great multi-surface brush: use it to clean floors, counters, sinks, and just about anything. It’s made from strong nylon bristles that are comfortable on sensitive skin.

Brush it in a sink, a tub, or even the toilet to clean stubborn dirt from between the teeth and under your gums. Clean and brush like a pro with the Brillo Multi-Surface Toothbrush.

This great multi-surface toothbrush has bristles designed for hard-to-reach places like the backs of the bowls, sinks, and toilets. The ergonomic handle lets you hold the product and keep yourself clean as you clean.

The Brillo Premium Stainless Steel Toothbrush Head is the premier household brush for a bathroom, kitchen, or any other hard-to-reach spots. Bristle brushes ensure a smooth surface for all of your cleaning jobs – from brushing teeth to washing dishes.

The Head is easy to grip with the adjustable rubber handle, while the unique shape follows the contours of your teeth and prevents gum irritation. The Head is also easy to rinse after use, without leaving spots on sink or surfaces.


Soft, flexible bristles designed to clean hard-to-reach spots like the backs of the bowls, sinks, and toilets that the rest of the brush won’t reach

Ergonomic handle for easy handling and cleaning with minimal strain on the wrist

Brushing the whole mouth is the way to go to avoid missing spots like the gum line, back of the tongue, or underneath the cheeks, and to help remove gum pockets

Finger rests on the head for more stability and support for beginners

The Head also features built-in bristles that form a natural polishing finish on sinks, tubs

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