3sheets Cartoon Graphic Nail Art Sticker

3sheets Cartoon Graphic Nail Art Sticker

Looking for a fun and easy way to spruce up your nails? Check out our 3sheets Cartoon Graphic Nail Art Stickers! They’re a quick and easy way to add some personality to your nails, and they come in a variety of designs to suit any style. Get them today!

These are awesome! But the application of the stickers is hit or miss. For instance, the first sticker I applied fell off almost immediately. I applied another, and it didn’t budge… I tried pulling my finger forward to remove the first one, and it cracked! I tried pulling at the sticker with nail polish remover, but that didn’t do anything, so I’ve decided to keep putting stickers on it and see how they hold up. All the ones I tried were stickers from a different supplier.

Bought stickers from the same company as other reviewers were able to successfully apply. However, I am experiencing what others reported, that they don’t stay down… They peel up in no time. Have tried using nail polish to stick them down, but had no luck.

Bought these and I love using them but the little piece of sticker paper they are attached to is the culprit of my frustration. The stickers are a very nice design but peel off the paper easily. It is a bit annoying that I bought this because its so pretty to design your nails but its the downfall because I can not use the stickers, its the paper and the sticker paper. I was hoping it would solve that problem but I still can not use the stickers but love this design so much I do not want to throw them away as I have used them.

these are definitely unique. I would buy more just to put them on all the nails if I could put a picture on this. They are difficult to remove because when you peel them off, they lift a bit and peel off in multiple places.

These are cool (the design is awesome). I love them for about an hour, and then I want them to go back down! It just doesn’t work out well for me. They just are really difficult to get back down.

They come with a sticky substance on the other side that makes it so easy to apply.

After about one day it looked like the glue started to dissolve, and one of them came completely off! I’m pretty disappointed and I’m sorry I bought these. I was expecting them to hold up well and last longer than one day.

I just got these in the mail and couldn’t wait to get them on my nails. I was disappointed though – only half of the stickers stayed on – they kind of worked by themselves. If you apply too many of them, they start

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