4pairs Cat Eye False Eyelashes

4pairs Cat Eye False Eyelashes

Looking for a little extra something to make your eyes pop? Check out our selection of 4 pairs of cat eye false eyelashes! The variety of colors, shapes, lengths, and styles of these lashes will ensure that you can match your eye color perfectly, so your eyes are always on center stage, even without you making any direct facial appeal with your makeup! The length of the lashes can range anywhere from around 1-4 1/2”/38-113 mm in length in order to complete the look of the cat eye style. We make sure that these lashes stay put when you need them with the use of the strong adhesive strips that allow you to switch them out whenever you wish! The great design and quality of these lashes will last you for an extremely long time, allowing you to look your best without the hassle of having to constantly buy new lashes! Try our four pairs of lashes right now!

If you are looking for a pair of falsies to give your eyes a more elongated appearance, these black lashes are perfect for you! They will elongate the eye area by approximately 2/3 of an inch, making you appear more glamorous! This pair of lashes is created from synthetic hair that is soft, flexible, easy to apply, and stays put. These lashes are available in various lengths and designs to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your eye shape and eye size. They come ready to use for an extremely quick application without any effort!

The faux tanned skin lashes are the perfect option for those who want a bold, eye-popping eye. These lashes create a very full look around your eyes, making you appear incredibly sexy! They have been designed to be extremely strong, flexible, and durable that will last for an exceptionally long time without going out of style as long as you use a good quality mascara. With the correct eye makeup, you can really take your makeup and eye makeup in a new direction!

The false eyelashes are ideal if you love the look of classic cat eye makeup, but just want a little more sparkle for your eyes. These particular lashes have been designed to be extra long, so that you can get the perfect look! They have an extremely thin adhesive that will help you to keep them secure, as they will not fall out during the most strenuous activities or under adverse weather conditions. Each of these lashes is designed to be used on either the left and right eyelids, ensuring that you have the perfect look for just about any occasion! If you are looking for a pair of lashes with a little bit of class,

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