4pcs Girls Random Color Fruit & Heart Decor Beaded Bracelet

4pcs Girls Random Color Fruit & Heart Decor Beaded Bracelet

Introducing the 4pcs Girls Random Color Fruit & Heart Decor Beaded Bracelet! This fun and colorful bracelet is perfect for any little girl. It features four different fruit and heart charms, each in a different color. The bracelet is adjustable to fit any wrist size, and the charms are made of durable metal. This bracelet is so cute that you might find yourself wearing it all the time!


Four different fruit and heart charms in four different colors, each in a different color

Bracelet is adjustable for any wrist size

Durable metal construction

Made in China!

Inexpensive metal and wood beads, along with the beautiful and stylish decors, make this bracelet a winner! It’s an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas or Mother’s Day. And of course, I think it’s lovely just to look at. And it’s also the perfect everyday bracelet! And to top it all off, when you wear this bracelet, you’ll feel a whole lot like a cute lola – the fruit and heart charms are adorable and fun.

“I received this bracelet today and cannot put it down! It is truly beautiful and much more beautiful than it appears on your screen. I feel like a princess, and I’m keeping the bracelet on until it gets cold because I can’t bear to take it off. The beads are very beautiful, but the chain is a little long…I had to cut it with a scissors.”

“The bracelets arrived safely and on time with great packaging. The bracelets are really well made, good value, and the fruit and hearts are so cute. I wear mine all the time. I’m not sure they are worth the full price I paid. Other options like this come in way under the price. My only gripe with the product is that the bracelet is a bit loose. I think it would tighten up a whole lot and the fruit charms would fit much better.”

“I love my bracelet. I love the bracelet so much I’ve ordered another one. It’s so easy to wear and the decors are easy on the eyes.”

“I ordered this for my mom and I am in shock!!! I mean I am not a jewelry person very much so I had no idea even what this bracelet was supposed to look like. I opened the package to find an absolutely gorgeous bracelet. I couldn’t tell which one I will wear most, I couldn’t even tell which one was the first one I received in the package. There are four really cute fruit charms and four heart charms. The links are really large and easy to put on. I couldn’t even imagine spending that much on a bracelet. So I am sending this bracelet back, but for my mom

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