4sheets Abstract Pattern Nail Water Decal

4sheets Abstract Pattern Nail Water Decal

Introducing our newest nail water decal: the Abstract Pattern! This 4-sheet set is perfect for creating unique and stylish designs. Each sheet is an 8.5×11 sheet of artboard.

The print quality and the artboards are great: it is super smooth, and the print is high-quality. It has vibrant colors, sharp images, and great detail. The only con is that you get 5 sheets per container, unlike our other polishes, which come with more sheets.

All of our nail decals are super easy to apply on any type of nail, even those with textured or ridged nails! Also, this is the most versatile nail polish for you – you can just go over it if you got a nail design you don’t like.

The Abstract Pattern nail water decal comes with 2 pieces of acrylic gel, and the set includes white gel, black color, and yellow color.

The nail set is designed very well, it comes in a cute little box with a lid and a window that shows our nails, which is really useful if you just want to do an accent nail or an eyeshadow (you’ll need gel for that). Also, you would need two bottles in order for you to do accent nails, and the set makes it a lot easier.

This product provides high-quality print. However, depending on the quality of your printer, different colors may not print.


No, this is a product for nail polish. It’s meant to enhance nail polish. There is a link with the product. You can find that there’s a link with the product. It’s a product that you can apply over nail polish to make it more vivid. We’ve tried it many times. We’ll be bringing another review here soon.

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We always follow the steps that are provided by the manufacturer. For example, if it is an airbrush polish, we use an air brush for applying the product. If it is an artboard nail decal, we will use a toothpick to apply.

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