4sheets Floral Pattern Nail Water Decal

4sheets Floral Pattern Nail Water Decal

Looking for a way to add some personality to your nails? Check out our 4sheets of floral pattern nail water decals! They’re easy to use and add a touch of fun and flair to your nails.

4sheet set: includes nail decals and the corresponding stencils. All nails will be in the same color and pattern, one on each fingernail.

This set comes with 3 decals for a total of 8 decals (4 total decals per finger). Each decal is 3 inches wide along the side of the nail and 1 ¾ inches tall. To remove the designs, use nail polish remover and place the decals where it is safe to work with the adhesive. Nail decals have not been tested against human skin for accuracy and safety.

Product Information

Product dimensions:3 inches long

Manufacturer warranties

1-year manufacturer warranty

What is the difference with stencils?

This nail decal is a cut-out design with a vinyl coating. If you use a nail polish remover to remove it, the area around the stencil would be tacky after you’ve removed the nail decal. This would cause the area around the stencil to peel off, and as you can see on the photo, the stencil’s edges would be damaged.

However, the stencils are printed on vinyl-coated paper and with the right application, it will definitely protect the design from being peeled off.

What do water decals look like?

The water decals look like this:

How do these decals fit on my nails?

The water decals fit on every finger of your hand in a same manner. If you have a nail plate, your nail plate will be removed and there’s a small part of the vinyl sticker that will stick to your nail plate.

How can I use these on my nails?

If you’re feeling brave and you want to experiment a bit, you can! Here’s how the water decals will work when you apply it to your nails:

1. Use a good quality base coat to give the nail a stable, smooth surface from the top of the nail to the cuticle.

2. Put the water decals onto your clean fingers without any nail polish, nail mask, or gel on it.

3. Wait about 5 seconds. While this might seem a bit long, it’s really nothing and you don’t have to wait for a too-long time. This helps the decal to dry.

4. Spread a drop

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