5pairs Natural False Eyelashes

5pairs Natural False Eyelashes

Looking for an affordable way to enhance your look? Check out our 5 pairs of natural false eyelashes!

Natural false eyelashes are a good choice. They’re inexpensive, easy to apply, and come in a variety of colours – you can choose the perfect choice for your outfit and to match the rest of your natural look.

Most natural false eyelashes available now are silicone-based and offer many of the advantages of a regular eyelash extension.

Best of all, the use of natural false eyelashes doesn’t change the way your own eyelashes look. You can use them at any age, and many people are using them to enhance and revitalise their own true lashes.

With these 10 natural false eyelashes, you’re sure to find a style suited to your own look, and that matches with your daily makeup.

We’ve collected the best-selling natural false eyelash brands, including those sold in Australian and international retailers to help you find the perfect eyelashes.

You can apply these false lashes yourself, but if you prefer, we’ve added step-by-step instructions to help you in the application process.

Which natural false eyelashes to choose for beginners?

The price of eyelash extension kits used to be rather high (anything between $100 – $150), but the evolution of natural false lashes can be explained as the beginning of a growing market. These brands offer products for a limited number of colours.

So, the choices are not a thousand, but rather ten or less (as some brands are not available in all countries).

What are the advantages of using natural false eyelashes?

It’s not complicated. Since it’s a real eyelash, it doesn’t alter the appearance of your own real lashes. The application doesn’t change the form and function of the natural ones.

It’s possible to use them as eyelashes that you always use. You can wear them to work, in a party, at school, on vacations or wherever you like. They can be used with eye-liner, mascaras, lip glosses, lip stains or other make-up items.

And last but not least! You can use them as many times as you want. For example, if you can’t see a mascara that matches the color of your eyelashes, apply an eyelash extension of your desired shades at your next makeup appointment!

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