5pcs Geometric Pattern Wall Paper

5pcs Geometric Pattern Wall Paper

, Modern Simple Style

If you’re looking for a modern and simple wall paper style, check out our 5pcs Geometric Pattern Wall Paper. It’s a great way to add some personality to your home without going over the top.

The 5pcs Geometric Pattern Wall Paper, part of our Modern Geometric Pattern, includes 5 different patterns that you can choose from. You can buy them in 4x3in or 5x7in size. Here are our recommended design ideas for you to start from.

Our modern 5pcs Geometric Pattern Wall Papers will bring a geometric expression to your wall space and you can easily match them with other geometric elements to enhance your home’s design scheme.

5pcs Wall Pattern, Modern Contemporary Pattern

If you’re looking for a contemporary wall paper style, check out our 5pcs Modern Contemporary Pattern Wall Paper. Designed with clean lines in mind, this Modern Contemporary Wall Paper will match well with other clean and sleek looks in your home.A man tried to eat the brains and spinal cord of a woman who was found dead at her Washington home and then bit a police officer’s arm during a subsequent arrest on a charge of her murder, reports said Thursday.

The suspect was taken into custody shortly before 5 a.m. ET after a Washington suburb police officer was bitten, bitten again and then beaten, The Washington Post reported. The newspaper identified the man by his initials, A.M.

The officer, a 38-year-old woman, was treated at a hospital and released. She was on desk duty when the incident occurred, the newspaper said.

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‘Unusual circumstances,’ a neighbor told the Washington City Paper a few hours later. ‘There’s really not a whole lot going on. No kids or nothing. Just a little house, really.’

An ambulance is seen outside the man’s home following the attack on the officer early Thursday morning. According to neighbors, an officer was checking on the welfare of a woman when he found her dead at the address

Police cordoned the neighborhood

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