6boxes Nail Aurora Powder

6boxes Nail Aurora Powder

Looking for a powder that will give your nails the perfect Aurora effect? Look no further than 6boxes Nail Aurora Powder!

I’ve been on the hunt for nail polish that creates the perfect Aurora effect. The powdery, slightly shimmery look of glitter gives your nails an impressive finish. And the great thing about Aurora powder is that, unlike sparkly nail polish which only lasts a few days, Aurora powder lasts for weeks!

Sixx is a powder that’s been around since 2002 and it’s been discontinued for the last 3 years. But if you really want Aurora effect polish, it doesn’t get much more Aurora effect (pun intended!) than 6box.

It’s been discontinued because it was never really very popular with their loyal customers. And it could be because sixx didn’t really deliver on what it promised. If you’ve read my previous reviews of Aurora polishes, you’ll know that I’m a bit hesitant to trust new brands and their claims.

But if you like Aurora effect polishes, I think that Sixx may be the Aurora powder for you.

What it lacks in terms of being the new, newest powder that makes your nails look like Aurora, it more than makes up for it in terms of lasting power.

It glitters, sparkles and creates the perfect Aurora effect.

I have the white colour, called Aurora White, and there is also a red Aurora Nail Powder in a box with 6 boxes. Both colours are $15AUD for 6 packets plus $10AUD for the box they’re in.

They sell a 6pack in the US and UK for $17AUD and $11.50AUD, so that means they only cost $22AUD after tax.

Sixx Nail Aurora Effects Powder Review

I only like to talk about the benefits of Sixx’s Aurora Powder because the negatives can be really frustrating. They’re not always reliable (I had a bag break open while it was drying), they take a long time to dry and the brush they sell with it is absolutely horrendous. (A lot of the packaging is awful too, but I’m being a bit too hard on a brand that is now discontinued!)

I do like their decoupage brushes though for layering because they’re decent but you have to build up lots of layers before you get decent coverage and some of the powders don’t dry at all. It’s actually pretty frustrating to use and can take a really long time before you get your perfect Aurora effect!

I actually only use

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