6sheets Jewelry Pattern Nail Art Sticker

6sheets Jewelry Pattern Nail Art Sticker

Looking for a way to add some personality to your nails? Check out our 6-sheet set of jewelry pattern nail art stickers! They’re a quick and easy way to give your nails a little extra something without having to go to a salon. We’ve been asked to create our own collection of stickers! We’ll be bringing you those very soon, but until then, enjoy these 6-sheet sets.

Our sticker sets typically include a base of clear polish (our standard set includes 2 colors), an assortment of designs, a detailed decal sheet, and a set of hang tags. To keep this product 100 percent cruelty-free and transparent, our sticker base is acrylic free, so you won’t have to worry about your natural nails getting nubbbed up! For application instructions, read on.

1. Application

We have an abundance of ways to apply the decals. For our basic stamping stickers, we use the Gelish Gel Applicator & Striper. For our glitter stickers, we use Gelish Easy Glitter nail applicator. Here’s Gelish’s instruction for applying stickers with their applicators:

For all other stickers, including our nail art stickers, Gelish recommends the Decal Transfer Applicator for applying decals (for detailed instructions, check out their full applicator comparison guide!).

We recommend not letting your nails dry out before applying Gelish decals. They dry very quickly and start to crack after. Gelish decals also don’t take well to using a polish thinner or clear acrylic paints on top before using them. If you’re planning to do either of those things, make sure you wash away any excess cleaner or polish right away to avoid the risk of them staining your sticker. Gelish claims Gelish decals last 14 to 20 days on regular nails and up to six weeks on gel nails. If you do use polish thinner or acrylic paint on top, we’ll note how long they last by doing a swatch.

One thing to note is that our stickers are all one-sided. So, if you’re using nail plates on your nails, make sure to flip the stickers over so the decals are on the non-plate side.

For nail art on regular nails, we typically use a clear basecoat and apply them over our white background before covering it in the design layer. We typically use two coats of decal polish and two coats of our favorite white polish of the season.

For nail art on gel nails, we apply our stickers over our light blue or clear base layer, followed by our colored gel layer (we used one of Gelish’s new colors called Minty Margarita

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