7pairs Pointed Cateye False Eyelashes

7pairs Pointed Cateye False Eyelashes

Looking for a little something extra to make your eyes pop? Check out our 7 pairs of pointed cateye false eyelashes! While these eyelashes are definitely not for everyday, they definitely should be for special occasions. The first step is to attach the lashes to the wand that comes with them. With a couple of drops of glue, adhere the lash to the wand so that the point will be on the surface of the lash. After you feel like the lashes are attached to your wand, remove the wand from your lash and let the glue dry.

For the makeup that the lashes would go perfectly with, we suggest a dark or darkish lid color, and a light or lightish lower lash color. In this picture above, we have two different colors going into the lash. One is an intense dark shade, and the other is more along the lines of a blackened charcoal, dark blue, a light blue or a light charcoal. If you try and use too much dark or darkish makeup color you can run the risk of overpowering the lashes, and they may not really look like lashes due to their color.

You’re ready to rock this look! You want to make sure you don’t wear the lashes right away, but that you know they’ve got some time to dry. To keep the lashes in place, spray them with a finishing spray if you want. We recommend using a spray in an area that will not be in your line of vision. You’ll definitely want to apply the finishing spray on the lashes before you put on any makeup, as it’ll keep your makeup on and you can really let the lashes be the focus with your eye makeup.

For the eyes, the easiest and most effective way to make the lashes appear is by using a matte eye color. A matte finish helps to make the darker color of the lashes appear more apparent, as the dark lashes don’t shine as much. Use a matte or light texture of eye shadow in a color of black or dark blue for the overall look. To highlight your eyes, create two lines of shadow in slightly different areas. Start by applying the first line of shadow from the center of your eyelid to the outer corner (a line that falls into your lash line). Continue adding more layers of shadow, moving it out to your brows.

For the lips, we like a medium or darkish color in a matte or a semi-matte finish. This will help to make the lashes stand out against the lip color. Try using a

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