94pcs Decorative Balloon Arch Kit

94pcs Decorative Balloon Arch Kit

Looking to add some flair to your next party or event? Check out our 94pcs Decorative Balloon Arch Kit! Perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more! Includes:4 pieces in assorted sizesBalloons in white, pink, peach, & redPlastic packagingMaterial: paper & plasticPackage Size: 3.9″ x 4.25″

Have you hosted a birthday party for your kids this year, and you’re stuck with tons of plain balloon garlands? Or maybe you are looking to add some party decoration? What about a balloon bouquet? It’s actually super simple to make. We’ve rounded up a few great ideas here!

Party Favor Idea: Balloon Bouquet

Materials Needed:

Plastic Balloon Arch Kit -94 PCS

Pink, Pink, Peach, Pink -5″ Balloons


Paper -Cut 4.25”x8.5” Rectangles



Tear the tops off of the balloons, then thread them through the paper strips.

Cut the 4.25”x8.5” rectangle length wise, making sure that no balloons touch. Use a marker to make sure balloons are separated and no touching.

Fold the rectangle in half and tie it tightly with double knots (making sure the knot stays in place).

Put your balloon arch in the middle of the party room and tie the balloons to the arch securely. Make sure balloons stay in place while giving them a little squeeze. Use your other hand at a height to hold balloons over the arch for an easy addition of balloon garland.

Don’t worry, I’m sure balloons will last just fine. But if you keep your balloons in a closet, then you’ll run out of room and forget how your party went after a year ;).

Do you want to add some color to your kid’s birthday this year? We have a cool new collection of Kids Birthday Party Favor Ideas that you won’t want to miss! We have party decor from all of our Favor Factory themes in this set – Sweet Sweet Cupcakes, Color Explosion, Beach Scene, Pirate Party, and more! We’ve curated a few simple DIY projects as well!

Party Favor Idea: Kids Birthday Cake Decor


Purchase an 8″ cake from your local bakery.

Pour icing onto the flat of the cake.

Cut out colorful shapes with a cake cutter.

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