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Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia And Age

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Famous TikTok and social media influencer known for her motivational speeches and Muslim dress advisor Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia and Age became the internet’s most searched topic. Check out why

Aisyah Hijanah got the attention of people through TikTok videos. She used social media to give a motivational speech and influenced many Muslim Women. Everyone on social media praised her for the amazing video content.

Aisyah Hijanah was praised for her motivational speeches and for supporting Muslim women in women’s empowerment. The content of Aisyah was so unique only a few creators in Malaysia were uploading such Unique content.

She also set an example for every Malaysian woman by becoming a popular TikTik influencer also running her own brand Hijanah, which also boosted her responsibility to make Malaysian Muslim women’s society better.

Aisyah Hijanah was a multitalented woman who was not only known for motivational videos but also loved to spend much of her time with family members. Additionally, she had a keen interest in writing and pursued a career as an author.

Aisyah hijanah wikipedia age
Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia Age

She got such a valuable audience who watched her videos almost daily. Due to Aisyah Hijanah’s motivational approach and women’s design advice videos, she has a huge number of audience about 560,000+ followers who love to watch her content.

Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia, age and Aisyah Hijanah husband Wikipedia now become the searched topic on the internet. There are a lot of people who want to know the personal details of Aisyah Hijanah, a woman who has influenced many Malaysians.

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Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia Age Information

The most searched topic on the internet world about Aisyah was her Wikipedia. There are lots of people who love Aisyah Hijanah as an influencer, businesswoman, and content creator who started her journey as a student and later pursued a career in women’s empowerment and motivational speaker.

A 25, Years Aisyah was born in Malaysia on January 6, 1998. As of now while writing this article after a few days she will be 26 Years old. We should also contribute happy wishes on her birthday.

Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia And Age
Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia And Age

Aisyah was born into a Muslim family background who supported her in every field of life. With his family’s support, he has now been seen as a motivational speaker, businesswoman, and influencer.

Talking about how her passion for writing was built after Aisyah got a degree in Islamic Studied from well well-reputed University named ( International Islamic University Malaysia ) where she was quite fond of writing.

She later decided to pursue and continue her passion for writing and Public speaking. Although the main role of writing was also influenced by school life during which she consistently contributed to various societies, including the Islamic Society and the English Language Society.

In the year of 2019, Aisyah decided to expand his career toward his own fashion brand where she got the strong influence of her husband ( Alif Teega ) who helped to pursue this career with a motivation to expand this brand in every country. The name of the brand was influenced by her name and was named HIJANAH.

She also fulfilled her dream of writing by becoming the author of the 2 most popular books “Bukan Lelaki Melayu” and “Hijanah Haul” where she shared a detailed life of herself, how she got into social media and what is her family background. Those who want to read these books can easily buy them from online bookstores.

Recently Aisyah Hijanah name caught the media highlight after rumors that Alif Teega who was the husband of Aisyah Hijanah got married to a second wife. These rumors became media highlights a lot of people want to know the exact details of these rumors.

Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia Husband

Aisyah Hijanah a famous motivational speaker husband caught the media’s highlight due to the rumors speculating on social media about his second marriage.

Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia And Age
Aisyah Hijanah Wikipedia And Age

Alif Teega also known popularly by his real name Mohd Hazalif was known as the husband of a famous influencer Aisyah Hijanah. Their relationship story started back in 2015 when they met each other as a mutual friend. Later their friendships shifted toward engagement after two years .

Their wedding ceremony was celebrated with their beloved viewers. The couple posted videos on YouTube and Instagram posts announcing the news of their engagement.

Alif Teega supported his wife in every up and down. They both also work together on social media platforms helping each other. Alif also contributed with his wife to make a fashion brand that caught the attention in a very short span of time.

However, in 2023, Alif shared news of his second marriage with another wife which shocked many of the viewers who know them for their relationship.

The news of their second marriage was already confirmed and the rumors of Alif second marriage were confirmed on the official Instagram account. While sharing the news Alif Teega said:

Bismillah. The purpose of this post is to convey news and answer all speculations about me and avoid any slander people say Maybe during this time someone heard or actually knew the news about me being married. Well Alhamdulillah the news is true. I am already married. I hope this issue will not be prolonged. Special thanks to my wife Aisyah Hijanah for being patient with what has happened, being patient and still being strong by my side even though I know it’s painful for any woman to accept this fact. as long as Aisyah is my wife, there is no shortage of her. My prayer is that God will only keep us until heaven But God’s plan for me & Aisyah is different. Thank you for the prayers from all of you for me and Aisyah. Aisyah is God’s chosen woman who, subhanallah, is incredibly strong and I am also amazed by her strength in facing every test that comes her way. I don’t think other women are willing to be in her place I request that none of the parties make any speculations, insults, anymore about things

After this news got the viewers attraction a lot of viewers started commenting on his Instagram many of them congratulated him on his second marriage while others also criticised him for this decision they said “Who supported you when you were going through tough times? Now that life has become easier for you, you’ve chosen to marry someone else. What a disappointing behavior.”

While another person criticizes Alif by saying “Sorry, but like you give motivational talk kat social media emphasizing about the beauty of love, partner, trust, etc and you decide to marry another woman when aisyah almost 6 bulan mengandung? where’s the logic behind that “.

The name of the second wife was not disclosed publically. Maybe they are not comfortable sharing their pics. We should respect their privacy and not spread false rumors.

Aisyah Hijanah life gave an inspirational message to every woman that faces different challenges with a strong mind. She wanted to develop a peaceful and loving society that loves each other and Islamic fashion became the trend of every Malaysian woman.

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