Asymmetrical Waist Split Hem Tailored Pants

Asymmetrical Waist Split Hem Tailored Pants

Looking for something different in your work pants? Check out our asymmetrical waist, split hem, tailored pants! With a unique silhouette, these pants are sure to make a statement in the office!

I don’t have a lot of feedback for the men and women’s pants…as they are the standard “workwear” type pant. However we have been inundated with the cargo pants in black, gray, dark blue and white.

The cargo style in black are too small or too large – The women’s cargo style in white & gray are too large or too small.

What I really like about your pants are the “cargo” style (if there is such a term) pants for the women which are a great size in the women’s section.

However, when searching for men’s cargo pants, the pants we are now showing all in black with black and white pockets and black belt is the style that you are selling. I do not like the small in size at 30, especially with the cargo pocket design. The pants are too small in my opinion.

Maybe if you added a size up or two in the men’s cargo style, it would be more marketable for me.

I am not positive if there is a men’s cargo style that I like to see more of – and if so, if it is in a larger size.

If I was a “fashionista” I am sure I would get into the cargo pants fashion thing more…and maybe someday I’ll order a pair…but for now I will say – I like what you are doing.

On an interesting note – our “cargo” style pants are still carrying the “workwear” label…because of that I am assuming by your “new” “cargo” label that the men’s cargo pants are now being labeled as what we sell as “sport” style pants for men.

Please let me know if I am incorrect in my assumption:)


Sandra, I am not sure about our “cargo” style pants not being labelled as “workwear” specifically. Maybe something to consider is that these cargo style shirts were designed by our team to be more “workwear” than traditional styles that just call themselves “cargo”. Therefore, the pants may have also been designed to fit into that same “workwear” category.

The only pants that I am finding specifically “cargo” styled are the “sport” pants we designed for men.

But I do see your point about “fashionistas” and this style as

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