Brick Pattern Wall Paper

Brick Pattern Wall Paper

Looking for a unique way to spruce up your home décor? Check out our brick pattern wall paper! It’s a great way to add a touch of personality to any room. The colors and patterns are unique, but the bricks themselves are easy to clean and change out.

This wall paper is a great way to bring a little bit of whimsy to any room. We’ve got both two-toned and three-toned brick patterns, and they look great in any season or room.

So if you’re in the market for a uniquely-patterned wall paper for your home décor, check out these two options!

Our 2-toned Brickwall Paper (with a two toned brick pattern) retails for $6.95, but if you’d like a 3-toned brick pattern, it’s priced at $7.45. But the real beauty of this pattern is that it’s so easy to swap out! All you need is a pencil of your choice and about 20 seconds of time and you can completely change the pattern on your bricks.

A quick note about this pattern though: as a wallpaper, it won’t look very good on a wall that is more than one square’s length. As long as you have at least five to six bricks in a row (or a square), you’ll be fine.

2-toned Brick Pattern Wallpaper (left, right)

Our 2-toned brick wallpaper looks great as a room divider if you have a larger room (this one is about 14” × 30”). If you have a medium-sized room (like a kitchen or maybe even a smaller bedroom), you might find that it makes a good table cloth.

3-toned Brick Pattern Wallpaper (left, right)

This pattern makes a great room divider on the wall. This size fits just about anywhere in your home if you find the room divider is too large for what needs to be divided. However, we have found it to look a little small in an entry hall. That said, it’s certainly cute if you have the room space for it.

It does have a bit of a two-toned look, so if you’re looking for something a little more three-toned, you might want to look at the 3-toned color pattern from above.

The next one also works really well if you’re looking for something for your entry hall. However,

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