Cartoon Design Pet Mat

Cartoon Design Pet Mat

Looking for a unique and fun pet mat? Look no further than our cartoon design pet mat! Made from high quality materials, this mat is sure to please even the most discerning pet. Choose from a variety of colors and themes to find the perfect pattern to suit your pets needs.

Product Features:

Made from high quality material

Machine washable

Cleaning recommended

Durable quality

Stain resistant, fade and rot-proof fabric

Lasts up to six years


Dimensions: 16″ x 24″

Style: Cartoon design

Color: Gray, black, blue, red

Brand: Posh Pets

UPC: 884567002743

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Customer reviews of the Posh Pets Puddle Pet Mats

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This review is from on Oct. 11, 2011

I do believe this review needs to be approved.

I wish we knew of a product that would deter our dogs from drinking from our water fountain. With our new puppy, we need a little extra time. We do have a dog bed. Maybe a cover for our fountaine and the dogs water to drink when we are not at home will help.
I would like a product for the cat.

We have a big dog. We do not know that the dog will touch the mat when we are not in the house and I like the picture so I guess I will let our dog have a mat and if we are in the house our new puppy will not touch it…

I like the idea of the mat but think it would be better if it was white. The other pets seem to be having their picture on them. I think I’d rather have a white design

I like the design of the pet mats; I also like that they are machine washable.

Unfortunately, I see the problem with using our own products as some animals will chew on them and leave their own mark.

We do like this mat for our dogs’ mats.

Our pups and kitty need a better place to urinate or defecat.

Thank you!

We are not satisfied with

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