Color Block Pet Hammock

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Color Block Pet Hammock

Looking for a cozy place for your pet to relax? Check out our color block pet hammocks! Made of soft, comfortable fabric, our hammocks are the perfect spot for your furry friend to take a nap.

Our pet hammock is made of a premium cotton blend, which feels comfortable on the skin. Your pet will wake up feeling refreshed!

With proper care, these hammocks will last through your pet’s entire lifetime!

These pets, as with children, have a natural instinct to feel safe. This safety is built into their DNA or from watching how their mother protected them. You have the same role when you care for your pet. As a pet parent, you are a primary caregiver. Children depend on the parent to provide safety and education, as the parent is their source of life.

As a parent, the same is true of your pet; you are the primary source of security, you teach them right from wrong, you can provide them with love, care and guidance, all to keep them safe and healthy.

Remember the first words you said to them and when those words first hit their ears to make sure those words were the correct ones. Repeat them to yourself when you need to think about something that is important. It’s the first thing that pops into your head when you need to remember something. It stays in the background of your mind, where you may not think of it every day. It’s called the “subconscious mind” for a reason.

The subconscious can be your best friend or worst enemy. Let’s face it, when we are in a hurry we often forget things, that we could have easily remembered if we had not been in a hurry.

When you are working on chores outside the house or at work, you need to be aware of what is going on around you. It’s so easy to start multitasking and that can lead to disaster. It will make it more difficult to make your way back to doing the very thing that you have been in the middle of doing.

It is the same as if you are standing at the counter and you find yourself doing something else. You must quickly bring yourself back before disaster strikes.

This is another example of the subconscious mind working against you by leaving important things in your mind. Let’s face it, the only real way to truly remember something is to put it somewhere you can see it, touch it or hear it. Once the memory is a part of your psyche, it stays with you every moment of every day.

We do not remember memories without something to hold on to. We learn something to stay with us

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