Extended Sizes Men Paisley & Floral Print Shirt

Extended Sizes Men Paisley & Floral Print Shirt

Looking for an amazing paisley or floral print shirt in extended sizes for men? Look no further than our amazing selection! We have everything you’re looking for and more! Whether you’re doing weddings, engagements or special holidays, find the perfect long sleeve or short sleeve paisley or floral pattern shirt here at Shirts.com in a large price range.

We want to make all of our wedding guests feel and look amazing! Whether you’re looking for a one or two-piece costume, we have it all for men, women and kids. Shop our top of the line clothing for weddings and any other special occasion today! Get a free shipping coupon with each shirt purchase!

Tried it on, was really uncomfortable. I do think it looks good, because it doesn’t have that typical button up look. Good to know its cotton so not too heavy, and I think overall I will wear this a lot more than I would a more traditional shirt. Also, I’m not into the polo, polos are boring to me.

This particular one made it to the final stage before the deadline, but it seemed like a good fit with the others so I ordered it. I would highly recommend this t-shirt for any occasion since it’s reasonably priced and will last for a good while. It’s very flattering and it has a large enough print. My only complaint is that the print on the left shoulder is slightly darker but it can be overlooked.

Great color, very nice fit. My only complaint is the long sleeve design doesn’t extend past the top of the underarm – the design in the arm part is cut out. It’s very hard to spot in this picture, but it’s there. The shirt itself washes nicely and feels great too.

This particular white tee shirt is very good quality and feels nice and soft. It does however come in a different color that the photo. It’s a pretty true white, not yellowish at all. The style is good. Although, the logo is a little small for the front. Good size, though. It runs small in my opinion, I would recommend going a size up. Overall, really good for the price and a good purchase.

I have not worn this shirt yet but I did give it a try. It is a very nice, comfortable shirt. I got the white version and the graphic is a very cute and fun design. I liked it and it matched the wedding colors and theme very well. Good value too as it is $60 at macy’s with free shipping. I would recommend this to others.

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