Floral Print Cami Top

Floral Print Cami Top

Looking for a new top to wear out on the town? Check out our Floral Print Cami Top! It’s perfect for a night out or a day at the beach!

A pretty, casual top that hugs your body, while adding length for your next look. A lovely floral pattern on a white body and white sleeves means a nice, sweet look. Wear this top with jeans and black sandals for an elegant and fun look.

-100% polyester
-Shoulder straps
-Hook & eye closure

Size Chart


Chest: 21-24”

Bottom Width @ Back Rib: 33-35”

Youth Size Chart

We recommend measuring your child in this fashion to ensure that the item fits them comfortably, as they will naturally add to or subtract from the length. However, if you are not sure, the size chart can be used as a reference.Q:

Alfresco with two docker containers

I’m new to alfresco and docker. I’d like to deploy Alfresco Community to multiple docker containers with one alfresco.yml.
Here is a docker compose file:

version: ‘2’


image: docker.alfresco
– 9080:80
– /usr/local/share/alfresco/:/usr/local/share/alfresco/
– /srv/alfresco
JAVA_OPTIONS: -Dalfresco.logging.level:2 -Dalfresco.log.level:3

When I run this, only alfresco and alfresco-web container will be up. In order to make this work, I have to run another container for server using this docker compose file.
Can I do better and only run one container for both Alfresco and Alfresco Web?
This way I can deploy Alfresco in a more secure way.


In case someone also has a similar issue, use docker-compose with –constraint

To constrain the list of compatible networks on which containers can be built,

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