Flower Pattern Single Panel Curtain

Flower Pattern Single Panel Curtain

Looking for a pretty and unique way to dress up your windows? Check out our flower pattern single panel curtains! Made of high-quality materials, these curtains are sure to add a touch of elegance to any room. Each curtain features a unique floral pattern. The floral flower pattern matches perfectly with any room décor. Pair these curtains with a pretty floral print pillow to add to the beauty of the curtains.

How to Measure for Curtains:Measure top of window frame. Double that measurement to get desired width.

Curtains in each pack measure 36″L.

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1. Measure your window from outside edge of the sash with a tape measure. Measure in inches from the top edge and mark.2. From this measurement, multiply this number by three to get the panel width.

The width will be about 48″. If you want panel that’s 40″- 60″ wide, measure 48″ (1 panel width) + 44″(length of the grommet) and multiply by two.

If you are buying a curtain that you want to close only from the bottom, you don’t have to add the grommet (the hole where curtain attaches to sash) because you will close it from bottom. So grommet should be about 4″-6″ long. The length of the curtain should be 44″ – 48″ long.

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