Girls Rainbow Charm Necklace

Girls Rainbow Charm Necklace

Looking for a special gift for the little girl in your life? Check out our Girls Rainbow Charm Necklace! Made with colorful beads and charms, this necklace is sure to put a smile on her face. Our…

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Is there a way to test a.git folder locally?

I am looking for ways in which I could test or run projects locally while preserving all my local changes. The simplest solution would be to create a repo with the same configuration as the server/live enviroment and run the tests/whatever on a local enviroment. Is there a way to do this in IntelliJ?


It can be done in IntelliJ using the version control tool that’s installed with IntelliJ.
The idea of using this tool is to connect to a git repository that’s hosted elsewhere and clone the repository on your machine.

Start with the project that you’d like to test.
Then choose the right option.

You’ll probably be asked to choose a path to clone to (IntelliJ’s version control tool will download an entire repository directory).
Choose one and press go.

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