Leaf Print Waterproof Makeup Bag

Leaf Print Waterproof Makeup Bag

Looking for a makeup bag that will keep your makeup safe and dry? Look no further than our Leaf Print Waterproof Makeup Bag! Made from durable, waterproof material, this bag is perfect for taking your makeup with you on the go. Plus, the leaf print design is stylish and chic. Available in Black, Burgundy, Purple, and White.

Our new Leaf Waterproof Makeup Collection is available at select Caudill Beauty locations. Check below to see if your local store carries the latest in modern makeup.

We are thrilled to announce we now carry the most popular products in our own Leaf Print Cosmetic Range. This is the perfect time of year to get your products at a discount or for the holidays, and you can also find many of our products are on clearance!

Beautiful color and great quality make the Natural Leaf Print Shiner Makeup Brush very attractive and versatile. A great way to start your makeup and brush technique learning process. The soft textured bristle brush is just the perfect size, making it easy to control the product.

Our new Natural Leaf Print Shiner Brush is here and it’s fabulous. A lightweight, full bodied brush that can hold up to 4 ml of foundation or powder, a perfect size for the smallest skintones.

As the Autumn season has arrived, we are proud to add our Leaf Print Autumn Palette to our product line. This palette comes with 10 coordinating tones of colors and will be your go-to for creating a soft vintage, eye makeup look.

We know how excited we are to share our Leaf Print Makeup Brush Collection with you. Available Fall 2016, we designed this collection with you in mind. The full-sized brushes have angled bristles that make blending a breeze. Plus, you can use them on the go using our new Waterproof makeup bags

In case you haven’t noticed, fashion forward ladies know that the best makeup brush isn’t just any, it needs to fit your skin, and your style! Our new Leaf Print Cosmetic Range has the perfect fit. Our Cosmetic Range offers the best in quality, and in a style to fit your lifestyle.

Introducing our new Leaf Print Cosmetic Collection, a bold collection that will take your makeup game to the next level. The large size brushes are perfect for a light foundation application with a flawless finish! Plus, we just so happen to have another large make up brush for you! This is the perfect time to try our new Leaf Print Cosmetic Brush Set featuring 2 full sized sizes, perfect for the makeup brush enthusiast!

We are just starting to reveal our new cosmetic brushes in our Leaf Print Cosmetic Range. The collection covers all your cosmetic brush needs,

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