Makeup Brush Storage Holder

Makeup Brush Storage Holder

Looking for a way to organize your makeup brushes? Check out our makeup brush storage holder! This holder is perfect for keeping your brushes in one place and makes it easy to find the one you need. Just toss out a few bucks and this makeup brush storage tray will serve you for years!


L-Shape Design: Slim and simple in shape

Sturdy Stainless-Steel Base: Made with durable stainless steel to keep your makeup trays protected and organized

Elegant Gold Leafed Acrylic Tray: Comprised of lightweight acrylic with a durable black finish

Multiple Storage Areas: With different sections and compartments for different makeup brushes, this storage tray gives you everything you need for an easy time finding what you need

BeautyTiles™ Storage Tiles: An innovative and unique way of organizing your makeup brushes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else


Size: 8″H x 5″W x 1 1/2″D

Weight: 3 lbs

Color: Black

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs

You are receiving a full refund of this product’s purchase price.

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of makeup brushes in the market! We know that it may take a little time to find the correct makeup brush for you and your needs. That is why we put this tool in your hands because we know that you would rather receive this makeup brush holder and be on your way faster!

Why make big, bulky piles of your makeup brushes? This is one makeup brush rack you will come to appreciate because of its size and unique design. It is small, compact and holds plenty of makeup brushes! The best part about this makeup brush rack is because it is foldable, it allows you to fit more makeup brushes than others can.

You may be one of those people that have over 100 makeup brushes or maybe only 10 to keep organized. Either way, you are sure to find a way to use this makeup brush rack to put all of your makeup brushes away in the most organized way possible!

This stainless-steel makeup brush storage tray will give you an extra place to keep away all of your makeup brushes so you won’t have to have one big pile of all of your brushes.

Flexible and lightweight, this metal makeup brush tray will give you endless amounts of organization to your needs. This makeup brush tray can be bent, rolled and stored.

If for any reason your makeup brushes fall out of the makeup brush storage tray, they can easily be placed in the bottom of the makeup brush tray that

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