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Who Was Marc Rantseli Wife (Name,Age,Children) | March Rantseli: death,Age,biography

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Marc Rantseli Wife and kids

When we talk about South African singers one of the famous singers’ names always comes to fans’ minds. Marc Rantseli was one of the best South African singers who was the part of amazing combo duo Marc Alex.

They started their band Currier in 1980 and they came up with the most trending song “Quick Quick” which was trending in South African Music at no.1 in June 1989. They have been known for their hit song for a long time. They have a group that consists of 2 members Marc Rantseli and the other one is his brother named Alex Rantseli.

marc rantseli biography

They both also won several awards like OKTV Awards in 1988. They were one of the artists who inspired other musicians. After Marc Rantseli death on Oct 2023, the fans were so upset after hearing the death news. His death gave her fan shock who loves and knows them for their amazing talent and for her famous song “Quick Quick”.After March Rantseli the most circulation question around social media was related to Marc Rantseli wife.


Condolences to the family and friends of Marc Rantseli from the duo MarcAlex. The 58-year-old passed away this morning in hospital after a short illness. We’ll speak to musician Vicky Sampson who will share her fond memories of the late Marc.pic.twitter.com/g65KfehfCn

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Many of their fans didn’t know much about their personal life question such as who was Marc Rantseli Wife,Marc Rantseli age,Marc Rantseli parents,Marc Rantseli wife and kids,was Marc Rantseli,Marc Rantseli worth, Was Marc Rantseli single or married often crossed their minds. In this article, we will answer all the questions that came to our viewer’s minds.

Who Was Marc Rantseli Wife And Kids?

marc rantseli wife
marc rantseli wife and marc rantseli wife age

One of the most curious questions that came to fans’ minds Is whether Marc Rantseli has a wife or Is Marc Rantseli single? This question became more and more trending question around social media after Marc Rantseli death. Marc Rantseli never shared about the relationship in public. He was always seen with her co-partner which was his brother Alex.

There is no information about their relationship on social media, so there is no confirmed answer regarding whether Marc Rantseli has a wife or any details about Marc Rantseli’s wife’s age or name. But there are some rumors that Marc Rantseli wife was with him and they got married privately but this was no more than rumors. Some of the fans think he had a strong focus in their musical career.

marc rantseli ex wife

March was seen mostly with his brother in every concert and shared her talent with his brother. They both shared the stage with fans and always tried to entertain their fans. The media houses don’t confirm any report related to Marc Rantseli wife and his brother doesn’t talk about Marc Rantseli wife

As Marc Rantseli wants their relationship private or doesn’t want to share it with the world we should respect their decision and should make this information private. This question will only remain in the audience’s mind as Rantseli was very private about his relationship,wife age, and wife name and he doesn’t want to share this information publically. So family also keeps his secrets private and does not share much about his personal life publically.

Marc Rantseli Family Details

Marc Rantseli family and kids

Another question that came to fans’ minds was about Marc Rantseli’s background, including their parents and family. Marc Rantseli was a guy who loved to enjoy with their family. Marc Rantseli and his brother were born in South Africa. He spent much of his time with her brother Alex. Later Marc Rantseli with his brother Alex started their career in music and became in the list of popular names.

Their family also supported their child to pursue their career. But Marc Rantseli never ever talk about their family,Marc Rantseli fatherand Marc Rantseli mother he does not want their family member to be on social media. He never revealed about their parents. Maybe their parents do not want to move on to social media.

Marc Rantseli Age and Height

Marc Rantseli started their career with their brother and came up with the “Heartbreakin’ Love” song which went viral at 5fm. They both have earned well-reputed names in the field of singing. Marc Rantseli died at the age of 53.

In the end, Marc Rantseli life inspired many of the artists, and their names would be remembered by their fans and artists who were inspired by them and started their careers.

Marc Rantseli death cause

After Marc Rantseli success, everyone is talking about their songs. But unexpected news came that he died and no one knows what exactly happened to them. Mark Rantseli died at the age of 51 at the hospital name Johannesburg Hospital. Fans were shocked by their favorite artist’s death and they wanted to know which disease affected his health. The questions related to Marc Rantseli’s death and about his wife remain unanswered one have exact detail about his death. The news of death caused a shocking storm in the music industry.

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When and where did Marc Rantseli die?

March Rantseli died at the hospital name Johannesburg Hospital. The exact reason for the death was not disclosed on social media.He died with the unknown illness.

Who is Marc Rantseli wife ?

This query gained increasing traction across social media following the death of Marc Rantseli. Marc Rantseli had maintained a private stance on his relationships, never disclosing details publicly. He was consistently seen with his co-partner, his brother Alex.

March Rantseli death Age?

Marc Rantseli, a beloved singer, passed away at the age of 51, leaving his fans in shock. March Rantseli died on Thursday, October 2023. 

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