Men Drawstring Waist Sports Shorts With Phone Pocket

Men Drawstring Waist Sports Shorts With Phone Pocket

Looking for a pair of shorts that are perfect for hitting the gym or going for a run? Check out our men’s drawstring waist sports shorts with phone pocket. Made from lightweight and breathable fabric, these shorts will keep you cool and comfortable no matter how hard you work. Plus, the phone pocket is a great way to keep your essentials close at hand.

Customer Reviews

This is the absolute BEST thing ever! I bought these as a last minute gift to say goodbye to a summer friend I wasn’t exactly friends with but was very much into. When I told my friend what I was wearing, she was in a good mood to see “what the hell” she was wearing and agreed what my friend wore was pretty cute. We were talking, eating breakfast, walking around outside, and running around the neighborhood and she had zero knowledge of the gift. (I sent the gift on friday so she would wear it to school… she wore it all weekend.) When she went to a party that evening and I asked her what she was wearing, she told me she took it off and put on my gift, LOL!

– October 13, 2015Fit, Style, Quality


Love these

It gets cold here in San Diego at night and I need something to run around the neighborhood in. These are great! They have a waist and I have no problem seeing the shape of my stomach and everything. They do run small so order one size up.

– October 3, 2015Run & workout shorts


Perfect for gym

Wanted a pair of shorts I could wear during my workouts for the winter. They are well-made, comfortable and good for the gym. Not expensive, either.

– August 8, 2015Run-Workout Shorts


Great product

This was the first product I ordered from Smart Parts and I am glad I did. The fit is great, the color was as described and the quality is first-class. I am not a gym person, but I can be with these shorts (also in navy which was the other product I wanted). I will order more of this product and the shirts if I wear them often enough.

– July 5, 2015Run-Workout Shorts


Nice and comfy for a run

I ordered a size large and I am glad I did. These shorts run true to size. The waist is a little bigger but that’s fine. The pockets are great. They are light and easy to move with. It feels good to wear these and they do not chirp out to my legs.

I wear most running or workout shorts over the waistband because when you wear your waist

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