Men Fruit Print PJ Set

Men Fruit Print PJ Set

Looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays this year? Check out our Men’s Fruit Print PJ Set! This set includes a shirt and pants adorned with your favorite fruits, making it the perfect way to show your holiday spirit!

What sets our Fruit Print PJs apart from others? Well for starters:

-They’re soft, and comfortable for you with a smooth, brushed finish

-High-quality fabrics that are durable, soft and stylish

-They’re machine washable, and fade-resistant for years of happy days and holiday fun, or the fact of its withdrawal should be irrelevant to you).

(If you are really angry you might want to write that anger down on paper so it can stay with you for a while)

After you have written this out, write down the following questions:
“What were your reasons for thinking in such a way at the time?”
“Why were those reasons not as valid as they now look?”
“Is any part of the sequence of events as you have written it a lie?”

Write each question, in the order listed, at the foot of the page. Read each question to yourself, as you go. Do not worry for now if you can not remember what you thought.

Do this until you have done the questions for each of your thinking sequences. For most people it is an exercise that takes less than a half an hour. Remember to use the “think, ask “question method”, not the “tell you how to think” method.

Now when you write out a thinking sequence, do not tell what your “thinking” was – be explicit with the subject and action parts, leave out “thinking that” and “thinking that I wouldn” or “thinking that I thought that”. Put into the subject the facts of the event. Leave out “thinking”. Use the verbs as they are – for example, “I walked over to the cupboard (subject) while thinking there was no milk in the fridge (action)“. Keep as simple as possible but still as explicit as possible. In this way you can do the exercise for one or two sequences, or more, if you need to.

When you have done the questions for all of your thinking sequences, you will have had a valuable exercise in self-analysis.

Remember that what happened in either sequence of actions was the result and not the cause of the thinking. So the actual action that occurred can be a consequence of the thinking or it

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