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How to find out for which parameter a subroutine is called in Matlab

I have a subroutine, say func1. How can I know, which value is being passed to it? Can I somehow check this from the call stack?
To clarify let me give an instance:
function func2(a)



function func1(a)

Suppose I just pass 3 into func2, in that case I want to find out, func2 is being called to retrieve 3.
Is this possible in Matlab?


You can get the calling information from the stack but this relies on where you happen to record the stack trace (for example using debug) when your program is running. The function’s parameters are the items on the stack. Using your example, if I run the following and then stop in the middle:
>> func2(3)

ans =


>> [func1, func2, func12] = dbstack(0:0:0)

ans =

[1×3 double] [1×1 function_handle]

1×3 double
funcall funcall
eval eval
getstackinfo getstackinfo

you don’t get any info for func1 – but you can determine the calling context for func2 from the info within eval and funcall. For example, the following would work for getting the data at your func2 level:
>> evalin(‘caller’,’test.m’)

ans =

9 0x2ef3068 0x2ef3068
9 0x2ef3068 0x2ef3068

>> getstackinfo(9,3)

ans =




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