Men Random Brush Print Shirt Without Tee

Men Random Brush Print Shirt Without Tee

Looking for a stylish and unique shirt that will make you stand out from the rest? Look no further than our Men’s Random Brush Print Shirt! This shirt comes without a tee so you can show off your unique style. Our men’s random brush print shirt features short sleeves, neck and back pockets. This short sleeve shirt will keep you casual and comfortable!

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Trouble with Jquery UI autocomplete

I’ve written the following code expecting that the $(“#search”).autocomplete({…}); part would pop up an instance of the autocomplete jquery-ui widget when i type, while the $(“#search”).button().click( function()…. would fire when i press “Add”…
When i press the “Add” button, however i get the error “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function” in chrome (the error console indicates that the problem is not on jquery side), while no errors.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.
source: [“autocomplete”] });
$(“#search”).button().click( function()….


Looks like the first declaration is the problem, $(“#search”).autocomplete…
It appears to be using some feature of the plugin that doesn’t exist before version 1.8. I believe you will have to use the option instead,

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