Men Ripped Skinny Jeans

Men Ripped Skinny Jeans

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PHP – Search & Replace and keep original file name

I have a.csv file with column names all in a specific order, for example:
a, b, c, d
e, f, g, h

I also have a.txt file with a list of column names in alphabetical order:

I am reading the.csv file and searching, for instance, for column h. If I do it with fopen and get the last column of the file and find it inside the.txt file, it will read it and replace the contents of the file with the new content. However, the file is overwritten. How can I have the search work and then keep the original name in the file, since it is a.csv?
The search is working fine, I just don’t know how to keep it and replace it in the file and keep the same name.
$file = fopen("C:\Users\myUserName\Desktop\someFile.csv", "r"); // open the file
while (!feof($file)) {
if(preg_match('/d/', $lines_found[$i])){
$n = explode(",", "{$lines_found[$i]}");
fputcsv($file,'h_e',array('n_','','')); // add the new content
$n = "“.$n[4].”“;
$n = base64_encode($n

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