Men Top Bar Round Frame Fashion Glasses

Men Top Bar Round Frame Fashion Glasses

Looking for a stylish new pair of glasses? Check out our selection of men’s top bar round frame fashion glasses! Browse our collection of men’s round frame glasses and find styles that match your face shape. Shop round frame eyeglasses frames online at at prices that can’t be beat!

A round frame frame will be the best choice of eyewear for men. When selecting a round frame, consider the following factors:

Shape. Round frames are available in a few different shapes and cuts. Select the cut and shape of your choice based on your face shape. For example, round temple frames add length and width to narrow and slightly triangular faces. Round full bridge frames lend a softer look to square, triangular and heart-shaped faces.

Size. Round styles don’t have precise measurements for their size and lens size, but most will have an R or similar prescription measurement. The width of your frame will vary based on your glasses prescription, but you will want a full frame length of about one-third of your total face height. Measure the distance from the left temple to eye, along the top edge of the nose, to the right temple. This number is roughly one-third the total height of your face.

Face Shape. When selecting a round frame, consider your specific face shape. As a general rule, round frames will look best on most faces. With a round, square, and oval face, round frames give you the most “face coverage.” When you select round eyeglasses frames for an oval face, be aware that your face will be shorter on the top than the bottom.

Frame Material. Round frames are usually plastic or metal, and a metal frame looks best on oval faces. Round temple glasses with clear plastic frames are available, so round glasses frames are not just for oval faces. When selecting a metal frame, consider whether a silver, gunmetal, or other metallic finish looks best. Choose a lens with anti-glare coating for a shiny appearance, but a matte-finish round frame is also stylish.

When shopping for glasses, find the frames that fit you best. Don’t be stuck with a round eyeglasses frame you don’t like. Try them on to see if they fit your face and give you the style you need. You will find eyeglasses that look great and you will love wearing them.

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