Metallic Star Pattern Single Panel Curtain

Metallic Star Pattern Single Panel Curtain

Looking for a little something extra for your home? Check out our metallic star pattern single panel curtain! This is a great way to add a touch of style and personality to any room. Use it in your master suite where you want a little privacy for the tub, but still have the area covered with a curtain. Use it in a kid’s room where it works great across the window or in a guest room where the curtain gives a lot of privacy. The panel curtain uses either a top or bottom hem and comes with 2 inch rod pocket.

This curtain is made from a breathable polyester fabric so it maintains its shape, but is also great in high heat or humid climates! If you are looking for something that will be a classic, durable and attractive choice, you can’t go wrong with these curtains!

Please note that the rod pocket is designed to fit 3/4″ curtain rod; no rod pocket is provided. If you choose to change your curtain rods to a different size to accommodate your curtain panel, simply order a curtain panel of a different size which is slightly wider than your new rod and attach it to the end of the new 3 7” rod you would like to have replaced your current rod system.


-100% Polyester Material

-3/4” Rod Pocket (with 1/2” sleeve)

-1” Curtain Width

-Full Length Bottom Hem

-2” Top Hem

-Curtain Rod Not Included

-Dry Clean Only


Panel H: 43″ W: 58″ L: 58″

Please note: The rod pocket on this product is designed to fit 3/4″ rods with no sleeve. If you select 1 7″ rods, you must select 1 3/4″ sleeve/wristband for your new custom rod pocket sleeve.

Please note that this is a digital sample only. Actual colors may vary.

This is the perfect solution for window or bath room curtains! Use these panels on any curtain style that is open to the room. Use your favorite, old favorite, or your next curtain color. The sheer material keeps your privacy and allows you to let this beautiful color show through without obscuring the view. A perfect way to add your own personal touch. You are not limited to the colors available here – we sell these in over 800 beautiful colors!

This is not a digital sample – this is a new style of blind you can choose from! Please make sure you are familiar with our products before ordering to avoid possible

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