Moon Print Makeup Bag

Moon Print Makeup Bag

Looking for a unique makeup bag? Check out our moon print makeup bag! It’s perfect for storing all your makeup essentials and makes a great gift!

How to Make Black Eye Pencil

How to Make a Black Eye Pencil from has all the answers. Read up on makeup techniques, tips and step by step directions on this eye pencil tutorial from a fashionista who’s also a makeup artist and professional makeup educator at MUA Lifestyle.

What would you say is the difference between an eyebrow pencil and a mascara? Most people would say that brow makeup is a part of makeup that you should use as long as you have eyebrow hairs to be covered in makeup. Just because there are no brows doesn’t mean that you can’t use mascara on your eyelashes and even a little blush if you like. The point is to accentuate your eyes if you need to.

What do I like best about mascaras?

I like them because they make my lashes look so long that you can’t even notice them. I’m just naturally born that way. However, there’s just one little problem. You have to use it every single day. If you stop using your mascara, it stays there all day because you haven’t smudged anything off. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work at all. I just have to wear it every single day of the week if I’m wearing a full face of makeup. Why only one is difficult depends on the color you’re wearing. If you are wearing a very dark color, then you can wear one mascara every other day.
If you’re not a fan of the daily use, then it’s not worth it. One day mascara is so hard to remove.

How are we supposed to use it?

You are supposed to just swipe it on and get the heck away from you. Of course, you can always make the eyelashes into one long one with a really long brush. It helps if you go to the bathroom and do your mascara there. You’ll also want to do this before you go anywhere if you want to get a clean look

If you’re like me, mascara is a drug. The reason I started seeing more and more people have eyeliner put on over their eyelashes. It makes them look so done up that it’s just like they’re looking tired. It only makes sense to make your eyes look awake

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