Notched Neck Ruffle Trim Blouse

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Notched Neck Ruffle Trim Blouse

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Why is this code throwing this error: type ‘()’ does not conform to protocol ‘Equatable'”

I am implementing an array of structs (called Point in my code.)
struct Point {

var x = 0.0;
var y = 0.0;
var z = 0.0;

func getx() -> Float { return x; }
func gety() -> Float { return y; }
func getz() -> Float { return z; }

var pts: [Point] = [Point(x: -1.0, y: 10.0, z: -1.0), Point(x: 5.0, y: -10.0, z: -11.0), Point(x: -1.0, y: 11.0, z: -9.0)]

The code is below.
If I try to add a new point without overwriting the existing points, the code throws this error:
Type ‘()’ does not conform to protocol ‘Equatable.’
func addPoint(_ pt: [Point]) {

var pt_idx = 0;

for i in 0..<pts.count {
if (pts[i] == nil) {
let pt = Point(x: pts[pt_idx].getx(), y: pts[pt_idx].gety(), z: pts[pt_idx].getz());
points[pt_idx] = pt;
pts.insert(pt, at: i);

print("pt: (pt)", points[pt_idx]);

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