O ring Backless Thong One Piece Swimsuit

O ring Backless Thong One Piece Swimsuit

Looking for a new swimsuit that will turn heads? Check out our selection of O ring backless thong one piece swimsuits! These sexy suits are sure to get you noticed at the beach or pool!

Our thong swimsuits for women make your summer bod look fab in comfort! We have a wide variety of sexy styles. This one piece swimsuit was created to provide you with more confidence in how your body looks. The thong feature provides you with comfort. In some of our designs you can see that the bottom is cut a little more open. When you wear a one piece you are not limited to wearing a skimpy bikini top. Our cute one piece swimsuits can be worn with many different tops and bottoms. To find more options our sexy bikini’s will turn heads too and you will notice compliments everywhere you go all summer long.

I just bought your swimsuits and I have to say, I have never looked so good, especially at the beach!!! I was told by the sales people there when I tried on my first onesie that they were the most uncomfortable and that they must be cheap, I guess I took them at their word. Well needless to say, I have never worn thong since I have a swimsuit with straps and that is it, but I am really trying to make it through the summer with out one piece bottoms. Your onsie’s fit better than anything I have every owned before.
I am going to buy more and I will definitely recommend you to all the girls I know, thank you so much!!

Reviewed by: Amy

5.0 Rating

Date of Review:03/26/2011

Review Comment:I have bought all three of these swimsuits, and they are the smoothest suits I have ever worn. I am not thin because of my tummy, but I have always had trouble with other one piece suits on my stomach area. They dig in and make it seem like I have gained weight. My mom was very surprised when I returned them. She said she was not looking at me wrong, only that the material was different. I found the material of these suits to be very thin and soft. They are great! I am very happy!!! I would recommend.

Reviewed by: Tiffany

5.0 Rating

Date of Review:08/10/2010

Review Comment:My mother said I would look fine in these and that I should try them sooner rather than later after seeing all the compliments i was getting! I got a 2x and am 5’4″

Reviewed by: Lissan


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