Plain Toilet Seat Lifter

Plain Toilet Seat Lifter

Looking for a more hygienic way to lift your toilet seat? Look no further than the Plain Toilet Seat Lifter! This nifty little device attaches to your toilet seat and allows you to lift it without having to touch it, keeping your hands clean and bacteria-free. Not only that, it’s easy-to-use, easy-to-install and easy-to-clean! In fact, you could use this device in the shower or outdoors to hold the seat down for those pesky searing hot summer days to keep you and your toilet seat covered. The Plain Toilet Seat Lifter measures 10″D x 1 1/4 “W x 3/4” H and is made of corrosion-free and non-corrosive material. It’s a no-brainer choice for your shower or toilet! Available in either black or off-white
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It’s quite a nice product, it was easy to install and the color is as advertised. We’re definitely happy with the purchase and would recommend it.


This is a practical handhold
Posted by: Anonymous on
May 12, 2013 11:47:22 AM

I got this product and use it for both sitting and standing at the sink while washing hands and I like it alot. I got another one to go on my standing desk and that too I like it, though it’s not nearly as comfortable as the seat so it’s not for my regular use. The seat holder is for my desk though so we use both because in public restrooms its a real hassle to have to get up and hold the seat when its up. It’s easy to install and easy to clean after use, just wipe clean with soap and water.

I use this toilet seat lifter (it’s very useful!) in the shower as well as in the kitchen, and love how it gives me two more hands, for whatever reason they’re called in my house. I am so much better at doing things, like putting hand sanitizer into the cap of soap dispenser and putting the cap back on, then using the other hand to turn the cap, when it’s just so much easier and faster with four hands. I’ll do dishes, put garbage into the trash can, etc. with my knees in the sink.

The color is ok (my bathroom is white though) and the seat and lid are easy to disassemble for cleaning, I just take out the screws (which I got them too, not pictured, they were included). I’d still buy this product again, but I guess I need to wait till I buy a new bathroom.

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