Plus Backless Knot Lantern Sleeve Slit Back Bridesmaid Dress

Plus Backless Knot Lantern Sleeve Slit Back Bridesmaid Dress

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress? Look no further! Our plus backless knot lantern sleeve slit back bridesmaid dress is stunning and sure to please. Featuring a sweetheart neck line and cutout back this sweet dress features lace trim and a slit at the bodice for that peek-a-boo effect!

Want to make sure every eye in the room is on you? Go bold with the look and try this cutaway dress! Whether you’re looking for a simple gown with beautiful lace or need something more eye-catching try a cutaway bridesmaid dress! This dress features a cutaway at the bust exposing some cleavage, a beautiful lace bodice, and a delicate train so you can always rest assured knowing your train will look amazing thanks to the lovely lace trim!

Do you know what one of a bride’s must have items is? Let us give you a list!


You can’t have a fabulous wedding without lovely bridesmaid dresses, so we have created this amazing collection of plus cutaway lace floral bridesmaid gowns to choose from! The plus cutaway has a lace collar trimmed with sweetheart lacing on the neckline and front bodice. It’s beautiful and simple to wear, and features a sweetheart neckline that gives a beautiful shape to your bust!

Want to make sure your train is something you’ll always be able to be proud of? If so you’ll be happy to know that all of our cutaway bridesmaid dresses have beautiful train options! They feature either lace trim at the hem of the dress or a full train with a delicate decorative lace overlay. You can always trust our bridesmaid dresses to look amazing thanks to the lovely soft white material and delicate neckline.

Not to be forgotten, all of our plus lace cutaway gowns feature a cutaway through the dress that will show more skin! The neckline and front bodice features a lace cutaway and the back exposes a little more! You will love this unique feature and the look is perfect for a bold bride or just someone that wants to add a little extra. You don’t need a long gown for a bold bride. Just add a little cutaway to your bridesmaid dresses and you’ll look perfect!

For the woman that wants to add a little extra oomph into her look, you’re sure to be impressed with our lace trim cutaway wedding dress collection! With delicate shoulder and back cutaway design this dress looks fantastic! So be bold

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