Plus Contrast Lace Split Thigh Satin Cami Nightdress

Plus Contrast Lace Split Thigh Satin Cami Nightdress

Looking for something special to wear on your next night out? Check out our plus size contrast lace split thigh satin cami nightdress. This sexy little number is sure to turn heads and get you noticed. Pair it with a pair of your favorite heels and you have a sexy little number you will want to flaunt. It’s a great option for date night, work, or fun on the town.

The contrast lace cami nightdress is perfect for any occasion, night out, date night, or just getting dressed for the day! With this nightdress on, you will surely be noticed, no doubt. The satiny material contrasts the lace material of the top. With the adjustable straps, the nightdress covers and exposes your desired portion of self. The satin band that cradles your waist adds a feminine touch.Q:

Python – PIL – image.filter

I have a list of images and I would like them to be multiplied to each other using image.filter. However, I’m getting an AttributeError:
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘filter’

Here is the code:
import Image
from PIL import Image

images = [‘original1.jpg’, ‘original2.jpg’, ‘original3.jpg’] #image1 =‘image1.jpg’)

for image in images:
image_file = open(“image” + str(image), “rb”)
image =
gray =“gray.png”)
img1 = image.filter(color=(0, 0, 0), mode=’HSL’)
img2 = color = image.filter(color=(255, 0, 0), mode=’HSL’)
img3 = image.filter(color=(0, 255, 0))
im4 = gray*3 + image

Thank you!


You are assigning None to img3:
img3 = color = image.filter(color=(0, 255, 0))

and this is the reason for the error.
Also, do you really want to make a list of four copies from the same image?
img1, img2, img3, im4 = image.filter(…)

// UITableViewCell+RACSignalSupport.m
// ReactiveCocoa
// Created by Josh

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