Plus Ditsy Floral Butterfly Sleeve Notched Neck Blouse

Plus Ditsy Floral Butterfly Sleeve Notched Neck Blouse

Looking for a pretty and dainty blouse to wear out? Check out our plus size ditsy floral butterfly sleeve notched neck blouse! It’s perfect for a day out or a special occasion! A pretty floral embroidered butterfly print is the eye catching feature of this elegant long sleeve top! The blouse has a sweet, pretty neckline, a butterfly sleeve and dainty button cuffs which will make you look super chic! The flattering neck-line of this top comes in a beautiful floral lace and makes you feel comfortable and attractive in a minute. Get ready to become the center of attraction on those occasions! Just add a skirt and some heels to go with it and you’ll be the queen of the party!Q:

Is a post title considered HTML?

Since meta tags are considered to be tags according to the HTML spec, I was wondering if a title tag should also be considered a tag.
I realize that a title may be some meta data, but since it’s not considered an attribute when defining the doctype, it doesn’t have any attributes as well and is simply used as the content for the page title.
This being said, I was wondering if the HTML spec classifies all of the content within tags as a HTML element as well as theHTML tag, and if so, how should it be treated?


A quick check of’s HTML5 draft, which is currently in beta, does not specify titles as HTML elements. ( Element) is the authority on HTML5, so your best bet will be to simply contact their support team and ask them how to deal with the title element when they release their final HTML5 Draft.

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The investigators seized video surveillance tapes from the man’s home, which they allege Eric kept to prove that they were spying on him.

The State of North Dakota says it has a long history of fighting Satanic cults, especially in

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